Merseyside Water Rescue

Serving the Community & Saving Lives

Merseyside Water Rescue need your help! We are a local volunteer-based Search and Rescue charity and our aim is to preserve life in and around water. We operate our voluntary rescue boat around the south Liverpool Docks every Friday & Saturday night, provide pro-active water safety / drowning prevention advice to those in need. We aim to
be there in the vital few minutes between a person entering the water and the arrival of the emergency services when the risk to life is greatest though cold water shock and drowning. We have saved lives.
We need your help to meet the expenses to keep the boat afloat! To pay for fuel, repairs & maintenance of the boats, the safety equipment for our volunteers, training and much, much more. We rely on your generosity to keep offering our service.

Please support us by visiting our ‘Just Giving’ page, or make a donation to –
Merseyside Water Rescue : Co-operative Bank : Account – 65855850: Sort – 08 92 99 

Achievements in 2022
We raised fund to buy our narrowboat home in 2022, and in October we moored ‘The Duchess’ at the Salthouse Dock. She has given us shelter during the cold and wet winter nights, and space for training sessions to keep our members up to date with their skills. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us – the Duchy of Lancaster, The Hemby Trust, The PH Holt Trust, Merseyside Police Proceeds of Crime, Arnold Clarke, Community Foundation for Merseyside, and everyone who supported our ‘Just Giving’ page. You have made such a difference! 

Established in 2018, Merseyside Water Rescue is a vital service to the community
Volunteer-based search and Rescue charity operating our safety boat around the south Liverpool Docks. We are the ONLY safety boat at the south Liverpool Docks and we are very proud to have reached our five year anniversary of becoming a registered charity. During that time we have met amazing people! We kept running throughout the Covid Lockdowns, helped and supported many people of all ages and backgrounds, and were even on BBC ‘Ambulance’ for all of 10 seconds!


Respect the Water

254 deaths in UK waters from accidental drownings in 2020 across inland and coastal locations, this is an increase of 34 from the previous year 

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