Merseyside Water Rescue

in the beginning

Merseyside Water Rescue was formed when a group of land search and rescue volunteers realised there was no safety boat at the south Liverpool docks and that people were losing their lives.

We set up an organisation, used existing experience and contacts, carried out more training, borrowed a boat and tried to do something about it. The early months were very difficult , we had to be largely self funding and it was hard to be out in all weathers as a volunteer. Within 6 months we had a charity number, a bank account, our own boat and more volunteers had joined. Through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers we built up the team we have today.

Canal and River Trust have always been very supportive and have helped us form the framework by which we operate on the water.

Respect the Water

254 deaths in UK waters from accidental drownings in 2020 across inland and coastal locations, this is an increase of 34 from the previous year 

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