Meet the team


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ian milburn

Founder & trustee

I was one of the original members of Merseyside Water Rescue, originally my role was maintenance and kit. Over the first weeks and months of running the charity I found my job gradually changed and I became more and more involved with the day to day running. I am now a Trustee of the charity.(always looking ahead to our future)


Ruth Milburn

Treasurer & Fundraiser

I was one of the original members of Merseyside Water Rescue and my job is to look after the accounts and fundraising. When my husband Ian decided to become involved I thought I could be useful with Fundraising and admin, I quickly found how demanding the role can be!


lewis bridson

H&S Manager

I decided to join Merseyside Water Rescue after a friend, who helped with the initial start up, recommended me.  I have advanced  in various roles and now I am health and safety manager for the charity. The qualifications I have obtained have allowed me to save lives and become an integral part of the crew.


Alex Galvin

social media

I joined the charity in July 2019 my partner Lewis had recently joined and I wanted to help support the organisation in a non-operational capacity as Social Media Manager. I also assist with recruitment, and in January 2020 joined the operational team too. 

I’m proud to be part of a friendly and strong team – we all volunteer our time to help our community, support our emergency services and provide a service to those in need. Rain or shine, we’re out there and really do make a difference.

Chris Collins

Chris collins

team member

I heard about the charity though Alex. After hearing about the good work they did I wanted to try and contribute. I felt I had skills I could utilise to help. My current role is Search technician and also Web Admin. I have learnt a lot of skills whilst in the charity. My proudest moment was rescuing someone from the water who had intentionally entered the water to end their life.


Ryan Barnes

team member

I heard about the charity on Social media. I am currently a Crew Member and part of the recruitment team. I wanted to make a difference to the Community. I have learnt a lot of transferable skills for example being a team player and advanced my first aid skills. I am proud every time I put my uniform and being part of the team is a proud moment in its self. 

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Kieran Sinnott

Dep Op's Manager

I joined the team after hearing about them through a friend. I have always enjoyed being in and around the water, now being able to keep other water users and pedestrians safe just makes our waterways safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Since joining I have gained qualifications for medical, search and rescue and flood response as well as my powerboat level 2 and boatmasters licence. I have only had to save one life since being part of the team, thanks to Merseyside Water Rescue I’ll be ready to do it again should that time come.

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Kevin Corcoran

Team member

I heard about the charity through a link on the Canal and River Trust site. I love being on the water and have peoples safety as a critically important aspect of my approach. I have increased my medical knowledge and obtained my RYA2 since joining the charity. I am very keen to support the charity with its processes and operations, training them in and getting consistency in our activities. My proudest moment in the charity is our intervention for the two young boys stabbed in an incident on the dock.


Sam ball

team member

I joined the charity after seeing it social media. I already possessed my powerboat license.  I have learned first aid and powerboat handling skills whilst at the charity. My proudest moment in the charity was towing a boat as coxswain to assist  recover another boat which mooring had snapped.

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Jake O’Connell

team member

I heard about the charity from friends that were already involved within the charity.
I joined the charity with intentions of putting previous skills and training into use within the team.
My role within the charity is mainly Boat crew, since being at the charity I have gained a lot of  skills 
Working closely with a team of committed, selfless and caring volunteers has definitely been a rewarding experience.

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MArk garrod

team member

I have been coaching water sports, providing event safety cover and powerboating from a very young age. Knowing the original crew members, I couldn’t say no when it came to helping the public with the safety and awareness of the Docks. I have been a coxswain for this charity for a few years now and I have also qualified as a search technician.


Sarah Mansfield


I am a Legal Director and Property Dispute and Governance Solicitor Cullimore Dutton I have been a qualified solicitor for 24 years. I was previously a Registered Nurse with post graduate qualifications in ITU and  Anaesthetics and Recovery. Qualified first aider for 30 years. I am married 2 children and 3 dogs and enjoy sewing, crafts, cooking, music and  travelling  



Dep Op's Manager

(camera shy) I heard about the charity from a facebook post and also through meeting the team at an event at the docks. I enjoy giving my time to help others. I also enjoy being on the water, this was a local way of doing both. I have learnt that anything can happen and being prepared for the worst will always give the best outcome. My proudest moment was Rescuing two males from the river Mersey.

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team member

I decided to join the team after hearing about them through a friend who was already part of the team, I work for Merseyside Police as a Dispatcher in the Force Control Room in my full time role. I have been able to work with both the Team and the Police to enable a working partnership between both organisations to ensure the best possible safety for the local community and the users of our world known waterfront.